Oahu marijuana dispensary runs out of product, forced to close to restock

Oahu marijuana dispensary runs out of product, forced to close to restock

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Just days after opening, Oahu's only medical cannabis dispensary announced that they'll have to close all weekend to restock.

"Even though we're supposed to be open, we're actually going to be closed because we've had such high demand that we're running a little low," said Aloha Green Director Helen Cho.

Aloha Green opened its doors Tuesday, and patients had to wait hours to get the cured flowers.

"The first day we had quite a bit of a long line," says Aloha Green Chief Operating Officer Tai Cheng, "We serviced about 150 to 160 patients."

On Thursday, they served another 250. By Friday, more than 500 of Oahu's 5,000 total patients had purchased product.

Appointments are not taken; it's walk-in service only.

Each patient can purchase 4 ounces every 15 days, but few buy that much at one time.

Managers of the facility hope competition will help ease the burden.

The only other dispensary open in Hawaii is on Maui.

Maui Grown Therapies sold medical marijuana to 200 patients in 11 hours and the dispensary reports, two cultivators -- Blue Dream and Euphoria -- have already sold out.

Maui Grown Therapies sales are done by appointment only, but Monday will start walk-in business.

A delay in certifying a lab to test other medical marijuana products has the operators worried.

"It has been taking longer than anticipated to get our mandatory test results released in Bio Track," said Teri Freitas German, director of community relations and patient affairs. "We're watching the clock waiting to hear if we will have enough product for our patients."

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