Looking for a job? The state is hiring!

Looking for a job? The state is hiring!

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Looking for a job? The Hawaii Department of Health and Department of Human Services will be hosting a joint job fair on Friday.

The job fair – which takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the state Capitol chamber level – will include representatives from several branches of both the DOH and DHS featuring a variety of jobs.

Here are the jobs recruiters are looking to fill:


•           Accountant III
•           Clinical Psychologist
•           Epidemiological Specialist IV
•           Hospital Billing Clerk
•           Human Resources Assistant III & IV
•           Human Services Professional III, IV and V
•           Information Technology Band A
•           Janitor II
•           Licensed Practical Nurse I and II, Hospital & Mental Health
•           Mental Health Supervisor II
•           Occupational Therapist III
•           Office Assistant II & III
•           Para-Medical Assistant (Entry Level)
•           Planner V
•           Program Specialist IV-VI
•           Psychiatrist III, Inpatient, Outpatient
•           Public Health Administrative Officer
•           Registered Nurse III and IV
•           Research Statistician
•           Secretary II and III
•           Social Worker IV


•           Assistant Chief Financial Officer (exempt)
•           Chief Housing Planner (exempt)
•           Eligibility Worker I, IV and V
•           Housing Contract Specialist (exempt)
•           Housing Compliance and Evaluation Specialist (exempt)
•           Human Resources Assistant IV
•           Human Services Professional II and III (Human Services/CWSB-Intake Unit, Shiftwork)
•           Human Services Professional III and IV (Health and Human Services)
•           Human Services Professional IV (Intake and Crisis Response Team)
•           Office Assistant III
•           Plumber I
•           Project Engineer (exempt)
•           Property Management and Maintenance Services Branch Chief (exempt)
•           Property Management Specialist (exempt)
•           Public Housing Specialist I
•           Public Housing Supervisor III, IV and V
•           Social Service Aid III and Social Service Assistant IV
•           Social Worker III (Human Services/CWSB-Intake Unit, Shiftwork)
•           Social Worker III and IV (Health and Human Services)
•           Social Worker IV (Intake and Crisis Response Team)
•           Stores Clerk II (89-day hire)
•           Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist  III and IV

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