Servco building 1st public hydrogen vehicle fueling station

Published: Aug. 3, 2017 at 9:02 AM HST|Updated: Aug. 3, 2017 at 2:28 PM HST
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By Kimi Andrew
HNN News Intern

Servco Pacific broke ground Wednesday on Hawaii's first publicly accessible hydrogen fuel station.

The station, located in Mapunapuna, is being built following Toyota's recent release of the Mirai, a hydrogen fueled car whose only emission is water.

Vehicles powered by hydrogen do not burn the gas, but instead pass it through a fuel cell stack that combines the pure hydrogen with atmospheric oxygen, which results in an electric current.

The water that this process generates is released from the vehicle while it is in motion.

"(Servco's) construction of Oahu's first publicly accessible hydrogen station demonstrates our belief in the potential for fuel cell vehicles in Hawaii," said Mark Fukunaga, Chairman and CEO of Servco Pacific Inc. "Hydrogen vehicles offer zero carbon emissions and zero compromise on fast refueling and driving range."

With a full tank range of 300 miles and a total refueling time of 3-5 minutes, the Mirai is comparable to many gas-powered vehicles.

Although the total cost of hydrogen fuel is still being calculated, Servco is looking into supplying Mirai drivers with complementary fuel for three years.

Hydrogen-fueled vehicles, which are currently being used by the US military, are still a new phenomenon to the public. Servco Pacific introduced the first Mirai to Hawaii in 2016. Hawaii is only the second state in the country, after California, to receive the Mirai.

The alternative energy cars will go on sale on Oahu once the fuel station is complete in early 2018.

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