'Fidget spinners' are the latest craze at schools -- and now they're being banned

Updated: May. 3, 2017 at 5:35 PM HST
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KANEOHE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - With whirls of fun, cool colors and tricks at their finger tips, kids are crazy for "fidget spinners."

"They are just fun to play with and it's just addicting,' said 11-year-old Jacob Gaudi, a student at Saint Mark Lutheran School.

But they're also distracting, which is why Saint Mark and other schools are asking kids to keep the toys at home.

Jacob's father David Gaudi, head of school at Saint Mark, said the fidget spinners were making for noisy, disruptive classrooms.

"So it was the teachers who approached me with the issue of it being a major distraction," Gaudi said.

"We did hear about a lot of arguing over the fidget spinners."

Other schools that have prohibited the toys from campus include Kamehameha Schools and Hokulani Elementary.

"We are trying to create a learning environment that's conducive to the kids being able to learn and to thin," Gaudi said.

The reaction from the student body?

"I was pretty sad because you can't play with it in class anymore," Jacob said.

Fidget spinners have actually been around for a while, and experts say they can help kids with ADHD and autism.

"A fidget spinner helps gives kids focus," said Jessica Wong-Sumida, executive director of the Hawaii Autism Society, which is selling branded fidget spinners for $20 as a fundraiser.

"It gives them something to do while they are listening to the teacher. It really gets them to concentrate."

Wong-Sumida understands the school ban and said children with special needs can use other items to focus. And regardless of a ban, sales of these spinners are likely to be hot for a while -- at least until the next new craze.

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