'Heroes of the day': Co-workers cling to window washer after he faints 8 floors up

'Heroes of the day': Co-workers cling to window washer after he faints 8 floors up
Published: Apr. 14, 2017 at 4:41 PM HST|Updated: Apr. 14, 2017 at 6:36 PM HST
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KAKAAKO (HawaiiNewsNow) - It was an emergency -- eight stories in the air.

On Friday morning, a window washer was rescued from outside the eighth floor of a Kakaako office building Friday after losing consciousness.

He was pulled in by firefighters after a tense half hour, during which the man's three co-workers held on to the man to prevent him from falling.

Firefighters had to break a window at Pacific Park Plaza, at 711 Kapiolani Blvd., so they could pull the man to safety.

Paramedics and firefighters said the 25-year-old man suffered an apparent medical problem about 10 a.m., while in a bosun's chair suspended outside the building's eighth floor.

"It's just a little square wooden chair with little pads on them," said Zach Faias, one of the three co-workers who helped.

"We have a harness that's connected to a set of ropes. He was having a hard time rappelling himself and getting into his seat properly. He wasn't positioned right so he was trying to hold most of his weight with his arms."

Faias said he and another window washer on the opposite side kept their co-worker level, while a third man stabilized him from behind to make sure he didn't slip out of his chair.

They clung to each other for 30 minutes while rescue crews got into place.

"I think he fainted a couple times," Faias said. "Cause we would talk to him and he would kind of just keep his eyes closed and wake up. We seen them in the window, the firefighters and the paramedics. And we said, 'Just break the window! Please just break it! We got to get him in."

Scott Moore has an office on the ninth floor of the building, and watched as the fire department broke the window below.

"The co-workers moved him to the side and they busted the window out and they just moved him over and they helped him go right through the window," Moore said.

Firefighters pulled all four men to safety through the shattered window.

Keith Abe lives in a nearby condo and captured the rescue on camera. His video shows the man's co-workers struggling to keep him upright.

Abe said the window washer's colleagues "are the heroes of the day."

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