Neighbor: Man accused of dismembering mother kept freezer in living room

Neighbor: Man accused of dismembering mother kept freezer in living room

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Robin Greenlaw lives in unit 604 at the Aloha Waikiki apartment building.

More than 24 hours after police discovered her neighbor had allegedly killed his mother and put her dismembered remains into a freezer in his apartment, Greenlaw says she was startled by his arrest and -- and by the gruesome reports of what may have happened to his mother.

"I didn't have a good sleep last night," she told Hawaii News Now.

Early Wednesday morning, police investigators removed bags of items from apartment 605 and officially confirmed the unimaginable.

"A search warrant was executed this morning, and we have confirmed that it is in fact human remains in the apartment," said Lt. Phillip Lavarias, a homicide detective with the Honolulu Police Department.

Medical examiners spent part of Wednesday wheeling those remains out of the apartment on a stretcher covered with a blue tarp, one day after police arrested 26-year-old Yu Gong after he called police and confessed to killing his mother.

Greenlaw says she saw the freezer when Gong's door was open, claiming it was behind a partition in his living room.

"It was white and big. We saw the freezer. My sister goes, 'Oh, wow! They got a big freezer in there,'" she said. "It was just odd to be standing in the living room."

Police still say they don't know how long the remains were in the apartment, and cops won't confirm whether or not the body was dismembered -- or if the remains were those of Gong's mother.

Gong is a former student at Kapiolani Community College. Neighbors in the building on Launiu Street say he kept to himself.

"Vaguely seen him, but my other half seen him all the time in the elevator. He's just super quiet," Adam Cadorna said.

Greenlaw said she last saw Gong's mother about a month ago and thought the woman was on vacation. Business registration records list her as a licensed masseuse from China.

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