Forget the state bird: Some lawmakers want to designate a state snack

Forget the state bird: Some lawmakers want to designate a state snack

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii's state bird is the nene. It's state fish is the humuhumunukunukuapuaa. And it's state mammal is the monk seal.

Now some lawmakers are looking to add to that list ... by designating an "official state snack."

And they're proposing -- what else? -- shave ice.

A concurrent resolution (that hasn't moved very far) would make clear that Hawaii's go-to eat when you have the munchies is a rounded cone of shaved ice smothered with syrupy goodness. (If you like, add condensed milk, ice cream, azuki beans or mochi balls.)

The resolution reads, "Declaring shave ice as the state's official state snack further celebrates the diverse food culture in Hawaii and creates a stronger association with the State and one of its most iconic snacks."

And continues, "Although variations of shave ice exist around the world under different names, the shave ice in Hawaii is particularly unique in how the ice is cut and the variety of toppings and other treats incorporated in the snack. ... Former President of the United States Barack Obama enjoys eating shave ice with his family when he visits Hawaii."

Before you assume that lawmakers are just having fun here, they rightfully point out in the resolution that other states have already designated official state snacks.The state snack in Illinois, for example, is popcorn. In Iowa, it's s'mores. And New York's snack is ... yogurt.

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