Teen's family says it's a 'miracle' he survived 90-foot cliff plunge

Teen's family says it's a 'miracle' he survived 90-foot cliff plunge

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Travis Eichner was shooting photographs just before sunset Sunday from well-known Portlock cliff Spitting Caves when he slipped and fell more than 90 feet, hitting a rocky ledge before landing in the ocean.

The 18-year-old suffered nine broken bones.

But he's going to be OK, and that his family counting their blessings.

"I think I can speak on behalf of my entire family, we are so relieved," said Eichner's sister, Natalie Perez. "We're so thankful and grateful and blessed."

Travis Eichner has been playing hockey for 12 years, and his family thinks his athleticism helped him survive the frightening plunge from Portlock's "Leap of Faith cliff.

Eichner is a skilled ocean photographer and he was grabbing some shots before sunset when he fell.

"I could just tell from the phone call, my husband's reaction to the call, that something serious had happened," said Travis' mother, Louise. "My heart raced so fast and it was just the most overwhelming sense of emotional pain."

Ocean Safety Capt, James Sloane said Eichner was lucky.

"There were two bystanders that were able to rescue the individual from the ocean and assist him until the helicopter picked him up," Sloane said.

One of those rescuers, Stefan Cranston, said he didn't know Eichner but he's glad he was there to help.

"We shouted out call 911!" he said. "We shouted it about five times until we saw people reacting. They came so fast, it was not even five minutes. So by the time we got him up to a flat surface, put some towels under his neck, stabilized his back and gave him water, they were already there."

The area isn't off limits. But Ocean Safety officials say people should stay away and use caution.

As for Eichner, his family said he's in good spirits and can't wait to go home.

"I truly believe it was God," Perez said. "I 100 percent believe that was a completely miracle."

To help the Eichner family, click here.

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