Red Cross Heroes: Anthony Columbo

Red Cross Heroes: Anthony Columbo

HAWAII (HawaiiNewsNow) - Anthony Colombo has been a Red Cross volunteer serving the Big Island for almost 10 years, but it's not unusual for Colombo to take his wide range of skills on the road.

"Currently I'm here deployed for sheltering but I may get moved to bulk distribution, that's my normal job, I do bulk distribution, logistics, and warehousing and delivering disaster supplies to clients in the field."

Back on the Big Island, Colombo responds when disaster strikes - like Tropical Storm Iselle.

"When Iselle happened we were over on Hilo side, my whole family is Red Cross so we were over there for 26 days. The first 3 days me and my cousin were actually running a shelter then we were switched over and I was the bulk supervisor in the field and we were doing water and food deliveries in the effected area in Pahoa."

The Colombo family got involved with the Red Cross after they took a training class about 10 years ago.

"And then after we took it and we realized all they do we thought that it's kinda cool and about 6 months after we took our class we were actually, me and my mom deployed to Louisiana and ever since then I just kinda been hooked."

While we honor Anthony for giving of himself, he is quick to point out what he receives.

"It really opens up your heart and it really humbles you too. It makes you appreciate the things you have because you're dealing with hundreds of people who have lost every single thing they have."

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