AGU A Ramen Bistro’s growth explodes with the opening of its fourth & fifth Hawaii locations in Waikiki and Pearlridge

AGU A Ramen Bistro’s growth explodes with the opening of its fourth & fifth Hawaii locations in Waikiki and Pearlridge

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - AGU A Ramen Bistro's popularity recently spurred the opening of two more locations in Hawaii to meet customer demands—one in Waikiki on Kalakaua Avenue, and another in Pearlridge Center's Downtown.  The Waikiki location opened in October 2016, and Pearlridge earlier this month.  Coinciding with the opening of these locations, Agu A Ramen Bistro is also offering three new dishes—a char siu curry croquette, chili cilantro jidori ramen, and a spicy ninniku miso tonkotsu ramen.

The shop in Waikiki, across the Kalakaua Avenue from Hard Rock Café, will offer exclusive dishes only available at this location, namely yakimeshi (fried rice), kimchi yakimeshi, yakisoba (fried noodles), and kimchi yakisoba.  The Pearlridge location, on the other hand, will be the only location that boasts a full-service bar, serving cocktails and hard liquors in addition to the wine and beer selections offered at the other locations.

To keep up with its constant innovation, Owner/Chef Hisashi "Teddy" Uehara will be introducing some new presentations.  The char siu curry croquette ($7.00) takes diced house-made char siu and incorporates them into a mashed potato mixture which is deep fried to a golden brown, and served with a yuzu aioli.  The chili cilantro jidori ramen ($16.00), which was recently introduced, uses the jidori chicken soup as its base, but adds touches of piquancy with jalapeno and a fresh herbaceous aromatic with the inclusion of Chinese parsley.  Also, since AGU A Ramen Bistro is known for its rich, savory tonkotsu (pork-based broth), a spicy ninniku tonkotsu ramen ($18.00) adds bold garlicky notes to spicy yet sweet miso flavors incorporated into the creamy broth.

"Ramen has become a worldwide phenomenon, with shops emerging all over the globe, from New York to Paris.  As everyone becomes familiar with the traditional salt, shoyu, miso and tonkotsu broths, we feel we need to strive to change the landscape and engage our discerning diners," says Hisashi "Teddy" Uehara, Owner/Chef.  "People love classics but yet also want diversity, so we are prepared to constantly deliver that, while challenging our abilities and imagination."

AGU A Ramen Bistro in Waikiki also boasts a private dining room upstairs that seats up to 12 people.  The room, available by reservation only, requires a minimum purchase of $500 in food and beverage.  For reservations, please call (808) 797-2933.

For more information, please visit the website at or call (808) 797-2933.

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