After 3 years, family of missing Maui mother still desperate for answers

After 3 years, family of missing Maui mother still desperate for answers

WAILUKU, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Nearly three years after Moreira "Mo" Monsalve's disappearance, her family is still searching for answers. The mother of three was last seen on January 12, 2014 at the Wailuku home of her ex-boyfriend. Her purse and other belongings were later found in a dumpster.

"I have hope that we will get justice. I have hope that we will find her. I have hope that we will have closure," said Monsalve's daughter, Alexis Felicilda.

A spokesman for the Maui Police Department said the case is still being actively investigated with the continued assistance of the FBI. Monsalve's ex-boyfriend, Bernard Brown, is considered a "person of interest." He has moved away and investigators said they have contacted him on the mainland.

"They still do searches. When I do talk with them and have meetings, they ask me not to share certain things just cause it's still an active and ongoing investigation," said Felicilda. "Its not a cold case by all means."

On the 3rd anniversary of Monsalve's disappearance, her daughter plans to launch a missing persons database and resource page for Hawaii. There are dozens of cases, some dating back decades.

"I basically wanted to create something that I wish would have been around when my mother first went missing that basically had all the information right there," Felicilda explained.

Monsalve may be gone, but her loved ones are determined to make sure that she is not forgotten.

"There is no closure. I don't know what happened to her," said Susan Manini, Monsalve's close friend. "I miss her so much it's not funny. We did so much together. It's kind of like we grew up together."

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