Local Connection: Hawaii Says 'No More'

Local Connection: Hawaii Says 'No More'
Updated: Nov. 17, 2016 at 3:49 PM HST
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Every day in our state over 500 victims seek support from domestic violence programs. One in 7 women in Hawaii are survivors of sexual assault. That's 67,000 women.

For too long, we have relied on those who have experienced violence to be the brave ones to speak out, stand up, and demand change. It's time for the all of us, especially now, to step up.

That's why at Hawaii News Now we are proud partners of "Hawaii Says No More," an unprecedented statewide effort to raise visibility, create awareness and break the social stigma surrounding domestic violence and sexual assault, and ultimately put an end to it. Not just make a dent in it. END IT.

"Hawaii Says No More" is inspired by the national "No More" movement and at the same time promotes local values that reflect aloha, respect and our connections through 'ohana.

This week, the Joyful Heart Foundation, in partnership with Wall to Wall Studios, Hawaii News Now will release a year-long PSA campaign dedicated to challenging the deeply entrenched attitudes and beliefs that blame the victims of these crimes and excuse those who cause harm. Attitudes like, "Why doesn't she just leave" or "what was she wearing," and excuses like "but he's such a nice guy" or "he just has a temper."

Directed by Joyful Hearts Founder and President Mariska Hargitay, you will start to see the broadcast spots on the air at Hawaii News Now and online. Our print ads will appear on Ad walls, on buses and in print publications.

It's going to be everywhere. And we believe it will be a game changer in our beloved state.

As we put these messages out into our communities, we remember and honor strength and resiliency of all survivors who have experienced at some point or in some way a culture that looks and sounds much like these ads.

And to these attitudes, beliefs, ignorance, excuses, and misplaced blame and misplaced shame – we say NO MORE. Hawaii Says NO MORE.

Go to hawaiisaysnomore.org and join us. Together we can end Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, once and for all.