Local Connection: No Room in Paradise

Local Connection: No room in Paradise

Our commitment to the homeless crisis is well into its second year and we are not finished yet. We continue, along with our partners at the Star-Advertiser, to keep this issue front and center on our air, online and on the front pages.

But this Wednesday, Oct. 19, we take our commitment to a whole new level when we begin the first of four broadcasts of "No Room in Paradise," a 90-minute, commercial-free documentary by esteemed filmmakers Anthony Aalto and Mike Hinchey. We have been in deep discussion with these two men for many, many months about doing a documentary that would reveal the breadth and depth of the problem.

Well, this is it, no holds barred. For some of you, this will be a documentary that is tough to watch. It touches on how this homeless crisis affects vets, the mentally ill, the incarcerated, the elderly, tourists, and transplanted Mainlanders. It also talks about the high cost of living that has made it even worse for everyday people trying to survive.

It may seem a little overwhelming when taken together over 90 minutes but if nothing else, it will force us to confront the problems we still have out there. Don't let anyone tell you that we are anywhere near done with this.

Hawaii News Now has given considerable resources to this project beyond our valuable airtime. But this was a community effort. Special thanks go to Stanford Carr Development, Hawaii Pacific Health, The Queen's Medical Center, Kyoya Hotels, Starwood Hotels, First Hawaiian Bank, Hawaiian Dredging, Hunt Companies, Pacific Resource Partnership and Pacific Links International.  Mahalo plenty to Jeff Arce of the McNaughton Group and Vic Kimura of Kyoya.

The dates and times of the special are on the screen so please watch and let's keep the discussion going.

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