UH students weigh in on first presidential debate

UH students weigh in on first presidential debate
(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump squared off in the first presidential debate, a crowd of students gathered for a watch party at University of Hawaii at Manoa.

"It's really interesting to watch it with a group of students," said political science major Micah Leval. "We got a lot of laughs from the debate. It was informative."

Analysts for The Washington Post, LA Times and Fortune Magazine said Clinton won Monday's debate. A CNN poll had her ahead by a 2 to 1 margin.

Even commentators at FOX news gave Clinton the nod, but some students think otherwise.

"I did not like anything Clinton said," said Basil Piazza, UH student. "I'm voting for either Jill Stein or Donald Trump."

"I am leaning toward Hillary, but the emails is a little bit touchy and that's a big secret," said another UH student, Rebecca Skelton.

Hawaii News Now political analyst Colin Moore believes none of the candidates landed a knockout, but each got some powerful jabs in.

He says the debate was crucial for both Trump and Clinton to grab the undecided voters.

"They do give voters a chance to really see the temperament of the candidates," he said. "More than anything else, you get to see them react under pressure. It's pretty rare that these debates change anyone's mind unless there's a serious mistake made by one of the candidates."

Students encourage everyone, especially the younger generation, to go out and vote.

"Don't vote for Trump because you don't like Hillary and don't vote for Hillary because you don't like Trump" said Skelton. "Inform yourself and make an educated decision."

Trump and Clinton will debate two more times: in St. Louis on October 9th and in Las Vegas on October 19th.

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