Local Connection: Dan Grabauskas resigns

Local Connection: Dan Grabauskas resigns
Published: Aug. 25, 2016 at 11:47 PM HST
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The resignation of Rail CEO Dan Grabauskas – even though it was really a poorly disguised firing – was at least quick and relatively painless.  It took a big payoff to get rid of him… but it needed to be done and done now.

That's because under its new leadership HART now faces one of the most perilous periods in its history.

Together with the Caldwell administration… HART has to find sources of more than a billion dollars to finish the project.  That's the financial piece of what's called a recovery plan. And they have basically four months… till the end of the year… to get it to the federal government.

To do that…they have to convince the feds…the state legislature…the Honolulu council…and of course the general public… that the agency is now both competent and credible.  That its plans…promises and projections can be trusted.

That's a tall order… especially in the midst of a divisive election which will further divide the community over the project.  It will take political skills the ousted CEO clearly lacked.

All we can say now is Aloha to Dan Grabauskas…and good luck to the agency he leaves behind.

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