Pro surf community outraged over Hawaiian Airlines' surfboard policy

Pro surf community outraged over Hawaiian Airlines' surfboard policy

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Hawaiian Airlines policy regarding baggage fees is stirring outrage among the professional surfing community.

Bob Hurley, founder of the surfwear company Hurley, was the first to blast the airline for its two-board limit, documenting his recent experience with the company. He said on Instagram that he wasn't allowed to bring three surfboards in a single board bag, even though they were all small and fell under the weight restriction. He offered to pay extra, but was still denied.

Surfer Kelly Slater also chimed in on Instagram, calling the policy "ridiculous and a default profit racket. They made over $70 M last year in oversize/overweight baggage charges."

Maui's Dusty Payne also wrote online, "I go out of my way all year to avoid traveling on @hawaiianairlines because of their two boards in one bag rule."

Oahu's Mason Ho added to the conversation, "Yep Hawaiian air is blownnnnnnnnnn."

In response, Hawaiian Airlines took to Instagram to address the comments, saying the primary reason behind the two-board limit is the liability factor. Based on previous experience, having more than two boards increases the likelihood of damage, which the company is ultimately liable for. The company said it takes surfboards seriously and wants to ensure they are handled properly with care.

Hawaiian Airlines has a policy that allows two boards per container.

Last year, the airline made $81 million from baggage fees alone.

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