Blue Planet Foundation power challenge looking to find "energy monsters'

Blue Planet Foundation power challenge looking to find "energy monsters'

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Blue Planet is launching a brand new program to give Oahu residents the tools they need to spot the energy monsters in their home. One big problem many folks have is that they get a $200 energy bill at the end of the month and have no idea how, when or where that energy was used. They have no idea how much went to their water heater or their refrigerator, or what "energy monsters" are running up their electricity bills.

Through this pilot program, the Blue Planet Foundation is offering energy kits, free of charge, to only 750 households on Oahu. These energy kits hook up to your breaker panel, and will let you see your energy consumption in real-time, by appliance, on your smart phone or laptop. This kit breaks it down so you can see how much energy and money my appliances are using on a daily or monthly basis

This grant funded program is a partnership between Blue Planet Foundation and Bidgely, a Hawaii startup company that develops software and hardware solutions to help residents save energy and money in their homes The only requirements are that you need to be an Oahu resident, have access to your electrical breaker panel, and have wifi. A Blue Planet team member and a certified electrician will install the device for you.

This program is part of Blue Planet's work to clear the path for 100% clean energy, and in honor of today's holiday, help Hawaii to become a little more energy independent!

For more information or to sign up, visit

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