State to help some working homeless with rental subsidy program

State to help some working homeless with rental subsidy program

As homeless camps continue to pop up across the state the Governor's office has come up with a way to help those willing to help themselves.

It's called the Rental Supplement Program.  It was created to help people who are on the street because they can't afford rent.  To qualify you must be homeless and have some income to put towards rent.

"What this program does for them, we will pay for them up to $1000 a month for the first six months and after that $500 a month," said Hakim Ouansafi, Executive Director Hawaii Public Housing Authority.

That assistance will be provided up to a year.

"We know that we are in a crisis situation right now and we need to be responsive," said Scott Morishige, Governor's Homelessness Coordinator

After the legislature designated $600,000 for this first of its kind program it was put in motion in just 30 days.

"The emergency proclamation allows us to fast track government processes and allows us to really target resources. One of the things we've heard from service providers is that there is a need for ongoing long term rental subsidies," said Morishige.

Those service providers along with the Hawaii Housing Authority will be tasked with finding apartments that best meet the needs of their clients.

"Some of the families have already been identified. They're already in the system.  The paperwork is ready.  We feel very confident that at least 100 families will  be housed in the next four months." said Ouansafi.

To sign up for the program contact your service provider or the Hawaii Public Housing Authority.

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