St. Andrew's Priory senior researches alternative uses for invasive algae

Interview: St. Andrew's Priory Senior Researches Alternative Uses for Invasive Algae

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Our guest has spent the last two years finding ways to use invasive algae in farming.  Now she's headed to an international science competition to showcase their work.  We talked this morning with Scientific Collaborator Ariana Kim is a senior at St. Andrew's Priory; her partner is Sree Kutty, also a senior who was not feeling well and could not join us this morning.

So we asked her if the thinking here is if it's valuable somehow, people will really work hard to get it out of the ocean where it's killing our reefs?

She mentions that they can use the fermented algae as a base for carbon nanotubes.  Carbon nanotubes are part of an already booming multi-billion dollar industry.  The girls have data from Nanocomp Technologies that indicates nanotubes are 200 times the strength of steel and 12 times lighter as well as for farming and biofuel.  So big incentive.

That creates more incentive to fund cleanup (with devices like the Super Sucker) and research algae.

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