EXCLUSIVE: 4 women inmates accuse 2 guards of sex acts in exchange for candy, snacks

EXCLUSIVE: 4 women inmates accuse 2 guards of sex acts in exchange for candy, snacks
Published: Jan. 11, 2016 at 10:50 PM HST|Updated: Jan. 11, 2016 at 11:44 PM HST
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KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Four Women's Community Correctional Center inmates have come forward accusing two guards of coercing them into sex.

Some of the encounters allegedly were recorded on a cell phone, sources said.

The two corrections officers have been placed on leave without pay, as state prisons officials and police investigate the allegations.

The latest allegation came Friday by a woman inmate who said a man who's been a prison guard for less than two years repeatedly coerced her into having sex with him over a seven-month period.

She told investigators she has DNA evidence from the guard that she saved on her prison uniform.

"It's a systemic example of corruption within the facilities across the state," said attorney Myles Breiner, who is representing four inmates who said they've been coerced into sex by two male guards.

Breiner said the inmate who came forward Friday reported the guard shot video of the sex acts on his cell phone.

"Recording a rape is illegal. Having the cell phone on site is illegal. Every single guard knows you can't have a personal cell phone with you," Breiner said.

Sources said the accused guard had been transferred to the women's prison after he was accused of sneaking contraband into Halawa Prison and the woman inmate claimed the guard smuggled makeup and other contraband into the women's prison to give to them in exchange for sex.

"The guards use this to manipulate the girls, the vast majority of which have no interest in the guards, in fact neither sexually or emotionally, but they are hence a captive audience," Breiner said.

Four inmates have accused a second guard -- who's been on the payroll for eight years -- of similar trysts with the same scheme, Breiner said.  One of those inmates also saved a semen sample from the guard in her uniform, Breiner said.

He said both guards gave the women makeup, candy, snacks, or extra phone and visitation time in exchange for oral sex often in a control center that handles security gates and tracks the movement of inmates, out of the view of security cameras.

Sources said the second guard had been accused of having inappropriate relationships with women inmates before, a case that was investigated but never led to any action.

Breiner said there's a "leadership problem" at the women's prison.

"If you have leadership that sets the tone of zero tolerance and enforces zero tolerance, it eventually trickles down to the staff," Breiner said.

Prisons officials released a statement that said, "We can only confirm that there are on-going investigations into allegations made against staff at the Women's Community Correctional Center. We take all allegations seriously and are committed to conducting thorough investigations."

Last year, a third guard here was sentenced to prison time for having sex with an inmate, and was fired from his job. Irwin Ah Hoy got a year and a half behind bars for sexual assault.

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