Healthcare Hero - Dr. Juliette Zelada

Dr. Juliette Zelada

Our next Healthcare Hero comes the island of Kauai. Dr. Juliette Zelada was on duty at Wilcox Hospital when paramedics rolled John David Stem into the ER.

John was in the advanced stages of Necrotizing Fasciitis, also known as flesh-eating bacteria.

John's mother, Janice Bond says Dr. Zelada was quick to address her concerns. Janice was impressed with her son's doctor. Over the next week, Dr. Zelada worked day and night, performing multiple surgeries to stem the tide of the aggressive and deadly bacteria.

This is the part John doesn’t remember. For taking the lead with a talented team at Wilcox and saving the life of John David Stem, Dr. Juliette Zelada is a Healthcare Hero.