Product laced with marijuana extract sickens several teens

Product laced with marijuana extract sickens several teens

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Several high school students were treated at local hospitals over the weekend after eating fruit products that were laced with a marijuana extract.

The Hawaii Heart Foundation learned about the incidents from a health care professional and posted an alert on its Facebook page.

The product appears to be from a company called Shaka Organics Hawaii.

A video posted to Instagram shows the product in various flavors as well as the list of ingredients, which included 250 milligrams of cannabis extract.

Sources say several of the teens had to be treated at the hospital.

"Vomiting, hallucinations and such, and it was reported that they had been eating these fruit roll ups," explained Pamela Foster of Hawaii Heart Foundation. "Of course my concern is, if a young child saw this sitting around."

"If you're dealing with extract, you're dealing with what they call concentrate which in our old days we called hash," said attorney Jack Schweigert.

It is unclear where the product is being made and if it's actually for sale or if the product is only for people with medical marijuana prescriptions.

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