Exclusive: Kindergartner goes to ER for dehydration, police reports filed

Exclusive: Kindergartner goes to ER for dehydration, police reports filed
Published: Sep. 7, 2015 at 4:20 PM HST|Updated: Sep. 7, 2015 at 10:10 PM HST
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KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Parents of some kindergartners at Mokapu Elementary School in Kailua say their kids were denied water in class.  About three weeks into the school year, one 5-year old boy was taken to the emergency room suffering from dehydration.

"He told the teacher repeatedly that he had felt sick," says the boy's mother, Ashlynn Hurst.

Another parent, Sara Garcie, says her daughter would also be picked up complaining, "She would tell me all the time, 'mom, I'm really thirsty in class.' "

The parents claim the teacher only allowed the children access to water during recess and lunch recess.

"We would ask her, 'well did you ask for water? And she would say, yes, but I got told 'no', not while we're on the carpet,' " says Gracie.

Altogether, five sets of parents filed police reports with the Honolulu Police Department.  Hawaii News Now was able to get those police reports.  The parents complained that the kids are being "denied water and cool air during their day in Mokapu Elementary School."

The report also states that the specific teacher, "Did not let them drink water as needed on numerous days."

The Department of Education says they did investigate and sent this statement to Hawaii News Now: "Our students are never denied the opportunity to get access to water. The school administration looked into the issue and believes this was miscommunication that turned into a personal matter. "

The statement continues, regarding Hurst's child, that the "school's administration is confident that the teacher handled the student fairly and appropriately."

Hurst did not send her son back to school until he was moved to a different kindergarten class at Mokapu Elementary.  Hurst says the new teacher does allow the students to keep Hydro Flasks at their desks so  they have access to it.

Garcie's daughter remains in the same classroom. Garcie says she and several other parents offered to donate fans for the class, but the teacher denied the request, saying she didn't have enough outlets.

After several parents complained about that, the school found a way to make more available and they recently took in donated fans.

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