Update: Big Island mother was stabbed in the back

Big Island man is suspect in mother's murder
Nadean Rutledge, August 2013
Nadean Rutledge, August 2013
Sean Rutledge
Sean Rutledge

HILO, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - Update:

The Big Island mother found dead Tuesday night was stabbed in the back.  Police sources tell me, 63-year old Nadean Rutledge's body was found nude, covered by a sheet, in the grass near her home on Kapoho Kai Drive.

Family members say her son, 40-year old Sean Rutledge suffers from mental illness and was once a brilliant lawyer on the mainland.

Kymi Crewson says he became addicted to prescription pills and alcohol and lost his job.  He made remarks that scared her and the rest of the family Tuesday just before the alleged murder.

"He said it was the day of reckoning that it was going to be the day that everybody died, it was time,"

Crewson says she and the rest of the family are worried that he will be released because he hasn't been arrested or charged, he's only being held for an unrelated warrant.

"I'm terrified, I am  totally terrified, because he was supposed to move in below us, he was going to move in.  And that's why he was mad at Nadean because he did not want to move in there. He wanted to stay in their old house," says Crewson.

Original Story:

People on Kapoho Kai Drive say they heard a commotion Tuesday evening from the home on the corner of Waiopae Road in the Puna District.

"I heard someone screaming and yelling like they were fighting and someone saying help, and then it stopped," says Suzanna Jamison.  A short time later, Jamison's daughter and her friend saw a suspicious man at the home.

"They saw a tall, white man, thin, with blood on his leg."

And late that night, just before Big Island police arrived, more chaos.

"It sounded like the family came home... and found something very upsetting," says Jamison.

63-year old Nadean Rutledge was found dead at the home, police sources tell me, she had stab wounds.

Hours later, Big Island police put out an alert for her son, 40-year old Sean Rutledge, saying he was wanted for a warrant out of California. He violated probation after a felony weapons charge.

Rutledge was arrested Wednesday morning and is being held on that warrant, until an autopsy on his mother's body can be done.

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