At least 50 rounds fired in MPD shootout that killed gunman

At least 50 rounds fired in MPD shootout that killed gunman

LAHAINA, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Maui Police Department has released new details about Wednesday night's shootout that ended with the gunman killed by officers. According to police, at least 50 rounds were fired in the exchange.
The victim has yet to be identified. Police say they're still trying to track down family, but they can confirm he was a 39-year-old man who did not have a local address and was living on Maui for at least two years. Prior to that, he had been on O'ahu.

According to police, they arrived on the scene at Keopulani Park around 9 p.m. Wednesday night in response to a call from a concerned citizen.
"This individual was at the park and the perpetrator went up to him and I guess was questioning him about why he was there and actually had a badge that said he was law enforcement and he became suspicious and actually called police," explained Captain David Silva, Commander of the Criminal Investigative Division for the Maui Police Department.

Three officers were dispatched -- a 7-year, 4-year and 1-year veteran.
"He did speak with police officers became confrontational. There were words exchanged. As to what they were, I can't tell you right now," said Capt. Silva.
Officials say the victim started to walk away, but pulled a 9 mm gun as he turned back around and started firing at the officers.

"We recovered over 50 shell casings. Nine of them were from the perpetrator," said Capt. Silva.

Officials believe he was shot at least 11 times, but are still waiting for autopsy results. Police officers recovered the victim's gun, which they say was legally registered to a local business.
They say the victim was dressed in slacks and a long-sleeve shirt and tie. They say he was posing as a U.S. immigration officer.

An investigation is still underway.

In the meantime, all three officers have been placed on administrative leave -- which is standard practice for the department in cases like this.

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