Local Connection: Steve Miller on Neighborhood Boards

Local Connection: Steve Miller on Neighborhood Boards

Aloha, I'm certain that Governor Ige has been very busy since being elected and sworn in in December 2014.  Cabinet appointments, an administration change, and a new legislative session are all things that have combined to put tremendous pressure on his time.

Now that the session has ended he gets a little bit of a well-earned breather.
One duty the Governor should take up immediately is appointing somebody from his cabinet to represent him at each Oahu Neighborhood Board meeting.  And a number of neighborhood boards have passed motions requesting that the Governor do just that.

Since being voted into the City Charter back in 1973, your local Neighborhood Board has functioned as a conduit between the elected and those they serve.

Interest in serving on the Neighborhood Board is growing as evidenced by the fact that over 600 people, from all over Oahu, ran for a seat on their local neighborhood board in the most recent election.
All neighborhood boards will be sworn in and begin new terms, beginning in July.

Governor Ige needs to act now so a representative from the executive branch can be there along with the newly elected boards.  And the same can be said for senators, representatives and councilmembers who don't regularly attend their local meetings.

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