Sunrise Shape Up - Post Injury & Pain Management

Post Injury & Pain Management

Joint pain and old injuries that leave lingering discomfort can be a big obstacle to getting back into a healthy lifestyle. So over the next few weeks, Sunrise Shape Up is going to look at some of the most common issues, how we can manage our past injuries and get back in the swing of things.

Statistically the most common source of pain in our lives is lower back pain.

Most important. If you've not had your pain diagnosed by a doctor and possibly gone through physical therapy, that needs to be done first.

Be it sciatica, a bulging or slipped disc or just muscle strain, pain can persist after treatment, so we're going to look at how to create more freedom of movement, function and decreased pain.

First things first, Cat/cow. Releasing as much tension around the spine front to back as we can.

Now in this same position, we're going to get into a rotational lean. With the hips as far out to the side as we can get them, we want to create rotation not just around the spine, but between the hips and spine as well.

Now moving up into a standing position, we're going to go through what I call the cobra pop. This is gradually loosening up the hamstrings, activating our lower traps and relieving a lot of tension in the sacral area where much of our back pain develops.

If you do suffer chronic back pain, remember, see a doctor if you haven't already. If pain still persists, these are great movements to put together into a 5 minute routine you can do in the mornings when you wake up to help get things limbered up and moving.