Meth in toaster is among many drug parcels sent to Hawaii

Meth in toaster is among many drug parcels sent to Hawaii

HONOLULU (AP) - Two men are pleading not guilty to their alleged roles in the mailing of crystal methamphetamine to Hawaii in a toaster oven.

Court documents say 6 pounds of methamphetamine were hidden in a toaster mailed to Hawaii from California last month.

Leland Akau Sr. and Allen Gorion were arraigned Thursday on meth distribution and conspiracy charges.

It's one of the latest cases involving methamphetamine mailed to Hawaii from the mainland.

Crystal meth is considered the most popular drug in Hawaii, where crowded living conditions make meth labs scarce. In an island state where there are limited ways to deliver narcotics, traffickers use the mail.

Previous cases have included meth hidden in mannequin heads.

Federal drug agents say drugs are mailed and shipped to Hawaii so frequently it's tough to catch them all.

This story has been corrected to show that the arraignment was Thursday, not Friday.

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