Local Connection: Osprey Concerns

Local Connection: Osprey Concerns

By: Rick Blangiardi

We live on an island where military training is constant. With five branches here, we know that we will see activity on the land, air and sea on a constant basis.

But when a fatal accident occurs, as it did on last week Sunday at Bellows Air Force Station,
concerns are bound to be raised.

A tilt-rotor MV-22 Osprey caught fire and crashed during training exercises, killing two Marines
and injuring 20 others.

An aviation expert told Hawaii News Now that it was either pilot error or mechanical failure.

The crash reverberated to Japan, where more of the Ospreys will be deployed. The governor of Okinawa said flights of the hybrid aircraft should be suspended until the case of the crash is found. The crash renewed debate that the Osprey may not be as safe as we had hoped.
Here in Hawaii, we take a more pragmatic view.

We understand training is necessary in order to keep a strong military in place. We need a force that is capable of executing any mission on a moment's notice.

We also know that safety is paramount in protected our brave men and women who fight for our country.

Our hearts go out to the dead and injured, as well as their families.

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