City to add lights and remove parking near King Street cycle track

City to add lights and remove parking near King Street cycle track

New changes are coming to the new cycle track on King Street.

Starting next week, 13 traffic signals designed especially for bicyclists will be installed. The city will also start removing parking spaces next month, an effort Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell believes will make the bike lane safer.

On Thursday morning, an empty parking spot was hard to come by on King Street.

"People always come and say 'what's with the parking,'" said Rachel Shimamoto.

Shimamoto is the owner of Travel Ways. She says since the cycle track was installed in December there's been a lot of confusion.

"We just had a client, and he didn't know you had to pay because the meter was so far away," said Shimamoto.

But her customers' abilities to find a place to park isn't her only concern. She's also worried about safety.

"The car was coming out, and I guess he didn't see the bicyclist, so he hit the bicyclist," said Shimamoto.

"We said we wanted to hear from the community and we wanted to make it better, and part of making it better is putting out these bike lights," said Mayor Caldwell.

Mayor Caldwell says the 13 lights will take about a month to install. The lights will allow bicyclists to safely travel along King Street in both directions. But that's not the only tweak city officials have in the works.

"When people call us and tell us the line of sight was obstructed when they were leaving a parking lot and they could not see oncoming traffic, we go out and do measurements," said director of the Department of Transportation Services Michael Formby.

City officials told Hawaii News Now DTS plans to remove 11 parking spaces next month.

Cyclists said they were split on the idea of changes.

"I think it's awesome," said Isaiah Aiea. "I bike all over the place I don't have a car right now."

"There is a fully developed bike path exactly one block from here. Only what was necessary and needed was very minor improvements to the Young Street bike thoroughfare," said Michael Horton.

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