Work on Hawaiian Homelands subdivision angers neighbors

Work on Hawaiian Homelands subdivision angers neighbors

WAIMANALO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Some Waimanalo residents complain that construction of a Hawaiian Homelands project damaged their homes. Work on the Kakaina subdivision began in 2012. People who live on neighboring streets said their walls and concrete slabs were split by the heavy vibrations from construction equipment.

"I got a brand new crack right here. Brand new crack right here," Gideon Kaonohi said, pointing to openings in his driveway wall.

The back of his two-bedroom home overlooks the job site. With chalk he outlines the cracks on the walls rimming his property and draws an "X" on cracks in the concrete slab under his home.

"When they used the roller, the 18-ton roller with the vibrator, you can see the cracks moving," he said. "One here. One here. And all these caps came loose from the vibration."

Kaonohi believes coral dust from the job site has sickened his family. He said dust screens have toppled onto his house three times..

"Four o'clock in the morning. You could hear this boom hitting my house," he said.

Kaonohi documented his grievances in letters to the Department of Hawaiian Homelands. So has his neighbor.

"Her ceiling is separating," Kaonohi said. "Her cabinets are sagging. And the cabinets are separating too from each other."

DHHL communications director Punialoha Chee said resident's complaints are taken seriously.

"We have been encouraging them to work with our contractor's claims adjustors should they believe their homes have been impacted. Once they do, we can begin the process of assessing damages and making appropriate repairs," he said.

Kaonohi hired an attorney.

"You see my second story. It's about 14 years old. Rain or shine, the doors never did scrape the floor. Now it's scraping the floor," he said.

Chee said completion of the seven-acre subdivision has been delayed by design changes and weather. DHHL hopes work will be completed by the summer.

Kaonohi expects the contractor to pay for the damage he said is getting worse by the day.

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