Farmers Market vendor ripped off at red light

Farmers Market vendor ripped off at red light
Nicole Smythe
Nicole Smythe
Early Saturday afternoon, Nicole Smythe had just broken down and packed up her mobile coffee stand after working the morning at the Pearl Ridge Farmers Market. Her gear was in the back of her Toyota 4Runner. Her two Honda 2000 power generators were on a trailer hitched to her SUV.

"That's basically all I had on there, just a strap that secures it very tightly to my trailer rack," she said.

When Smythe pulled up to the red light on Pali Momi Street and Kamehameha Highway, she was at the head of the line. She glanced behind her.

"I noticed a male get out of his car, couple cars in back of me, and another male came on my driver's side," she said.

Smythe felt uneasy, locked her doors and grabbed her cell phone. The men stopped at her trailer.

"I felt a push on it. So I knew right away," she said. " What they did was they got a knife. They cut my line."

The men severed the tie holding the generators. Smythe couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"The truck that they were in was forcing its way into the right lane. It was trying to make it's way closer to my vehicle. They grabbed my generators, threw it in the truck and sped off." she said.

Smythe snapped a photograph of the fleeing truck and gave it to police. One of the alleged thieves can be seen crouching down in the bed of the truck. Eyewitnesses, including panhandlers who work the intersection, saw the crime.

"They yelled out the license plate number," Smythe said. "Me and a bunch of my friends, we went and looked up the registered owner of the vehicle and Facebooked this person, who according to their Facebook says that they are in another country."

Leading her to believe the truck may have been stolen. The two Honda generators cost Smythe $1,000 apiece.

"Without those generators I cannot be in business," Smythe said.

She said the heist happened in the blink of an eye.

"It took about 15 seconds. It was amazingly fast," she said. "They knew what they were doing."

Smythe has asked businesses near the intersection if they have surveillance video of the intersection. The getaway vehicle is a Black Ford F250. If you can help ID the thieves call Honolulu police.

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