Blind surfer rides a bull for new movie

Blind Surfer Rides Bull

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - For most people trying to surf for the first time, standing up is a challenge all on its own. Catching a wave is a whole other story.

But for 22-year-old Derek Rabelo, dropping-in has become natural. What may surprise onlookers from the beach, Rabelo can't see the giants he's surfing; he was born blind.

After years of grueling training Rabelo accomplished his dream and surfed the world famous breaks at Pipeline on Oahu's north shore.

After facing and more importantly overcoming a seemingly insurmountable amount of adversity, Rabelo continues to astound those who follow his journey.

Rabelo can be described as person who takes life by the horns, both figuratively and literally. Today, Rabelo faced a brand new type of challenge on land when he hopped on the back of a bucking bull.

The Brazilian-born surfer stopped by the Kualoa Ranch to ride the beast. Along with the same film crew who made the documentary "Beyond Sight" (a bio-pic tracking Rabelo's incredible journey to conquer "Pipe"), Derek and film-maker Bryan Jennings shot footage for their new movie "Surfer Cowboys".

Rabelo without a doubt "cowboyed up" but this is nothing new for the young man who chooses to overcome challenges everyday.

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