A stowaway survivor: the cross-country cat

A stowaway survivor: the cross country cat
Published: Dec. 4, 2014 at 2:39 AM HST|Updated: Dec. 4, 2014 at 10:53 AM HST
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If cats truly have nine lives, Mee moowe may have eight left.

Mee moowe has been with the Barth family for almost a decade. So when they decided to move from Virginia to Maui, they couldn't leave her behind. But on moving day back in September, Mee moowe went missing.

"New World International came and I trusted them enough to leave them at my home and take my baby to her doctor's appointment. When I returned, she was gone. We couldn't find her anywhere," said Ashley Barth, the cat's owner.

Barth said they delayed their trip three days hoping their beloved pet would show up. They eventually couldn't wait any longer and made the move.

"She's such an important part of our family. She sleeps with my daughter every single night.  So it was devastating when we were unable to find her," Barth said.

When the moving boxes arrived on Maui 36 days after they were packed, the Barth's heard a faint…meow.

"I knew right away that it was her. As soon as I heard her meow I knew it was her," said Barth.

Lo and behold, Mee moowe was inside.

"We were ecstatic and overjoyed that she was alive and couldn't believe it," she said.

But Barth says Mee moowe was half her size and could hardly walk, and she somehow survived more than a month without any food or water, and Barth blames the mainland moving company.

"Ultimately this is their responsibility. I trusted them to come in my home and to do a job for me…and to return and have this be done was very, very disappointing and very heartbreaking. She was tortured."

The Barth's had a short family reunion when they first discovered Mee moowe. But now she's in quarantine for three months because she didn't have the proper vaccinations.

Barth says New World International was cooperative at first. But now Barth says they have claimed no responsibility. Barth says they're looking into their options.

As for Mee moowe, the Barth's will have to wait until February to have back home for good.

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