Auditor's report shows flaws in bill to legalize pot pharmacies

Auditor's report shows flaws in bill to legalize pot pharmacies
Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)

Support for medical marijuana dispensaries is gaining momentum. And a newly released report could provide even more ammunition for those needing better access to the drug.

The state auditor's report says pot pharmacies are necessary.

"There's no way for them to get medical marijuana unless they grow it or get it on the black market," says Jan Yamane, the Acting State Auditor.

But the report was critical of House Bill 1587, the bill that failed in the last legislative session, saying it didn't call for strong enough regulation and licensing of dispensaries. The report also said start-up money, about $400,000, is needed to get the process going.

"You have to have staff, you've got to have IT equipment, you got to get a registry up, the whole nine yards," says Yamane.

Representative Joe Souki introduced HB 1587, but he's not insulted by the report, in fact, he calls it helpful.

"It was a very positive report, and so I look at it favorably," says Representative Souki, who says lawmakers will use the suggestions to create a new bill.

They'll also consult with members of a task force made up of people from other state agencies.

The new bill could be introduced shortly after the next legislative session begins in January.

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