Eight-year-old survives after falling into trash chute

Eight-year-old survives after falling into trash chute

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - An eight-year-old boy survived a fall 72 feet down a trash chute at a Salt Lake condominium.

Dan Kaetsu showed us the trash chute that his neighbor somehow fell down after taking trash out for his auntie.

Kaetsu explained, "She sent him out to take out the trash and he never came back and then she heard him screaming from inside. He was screaming he couldn't breathe. It was tight."

He decided to break the glass to the hall fire hose and feed it down, adding "I didn't know how far down he was. I couldn't see him so maybe this might be long enough. We were feeding it down to him. But he said he couldn't see it, couldn't reach it. I just unraveled the whole thing and sent the entire thing down."

Turned out to be 72 feet down and back up. "I told him to hold on tight see if he could use walls and try to walk his way up" explained Kaetsu. "We had to stick our whole entire body into chute to see him. I just tried to talk to him while I pulled him up, just encourage him as he made his way up."

Kaetsu described the boy's condition and state when he finally made it out, saying "He had some cuts on his hand, feet, legs. The biggest cut he had was on the top of his head. I'm not sure exactly how he fell in, but he was walking, crying and talking to me."

The boy is reportedly on fall break from Pearl Harbor Elementary.

Lucky for him, Kaetsu is also on break from his job as school counselor and happens to be a muy thai instructor.

He just moved into Salt Lake Manor last week.

Kaetsu said he didn't think about looking for the boy at the bottom of the chute. He had no idea how far down he was, and just did the quickest thing he could think of to get him out.

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