Local community reacts to suspension of Ray Rice

Local community reacts to suspension of Ray Rice
Published: Sep. 8, 2014 at 11:16 PM HST|Updated: Sep. 9, 2014 at 1:17 AM HST
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Baltimore Ravens cut Ray Rice today and the NFL suspended the running back indefinitely after shocking new video of him punching his fiance went public.

For the first time, security video obtained by TMZ Sports shows what happened once Rice and Janay Palmer got into this Atlantic City elevator.

She appears to shove him, then Rice throws a punch that causes her to strike her head on a metal railing.

The video after the hit has been seen since the February assault. In it, Rice is seen dragging the unconscious woman who is now his wife outside the elevator.

The couple faced the media after his initial was handed down. Rice at that time said, "I also want to apologize to the fans, to the kids."

The NFL initially suspended the Ravens player for 2 games based on the video outside the elevator.

Commissioner Roger Goodell admitted August 28th he didn't get it right.

That led to harsher punishments for the league. 6 games for a first violation, banishment for a second.

The PAU Violence Center at UH reacted to Rice's firing and ban this way, saying.

"I think the football community was conflicted with the initial steps of the NFL however now that the video is public, it really pushed them to make a stronger statement that this behavior is intolerable."

The University of Hawaii launched a campaign against domestic violence with PSA's featuring athletes in 2005.

Rocky Savaiigaea appeared in a powerful PSA with his mom Chicki.

In it, he says "On the field I am powerful, I hit hard on my opponent. Off the field, my Mom always taught me to never hit a woman."

Non profit Ala Kuola teaches that same message to high school athletes with a program called "Coaching Boys into Men."

Ala Kuola Executive Director Ed Flores says, "That's their Sunday hero. A lot of these athletes emulate what they see, emulate these professional athletes so it's a huge issue."

Coaches can use Rice as teachable moment, saying if an "american idol" assaults a woman, he loses respect as a player and man.

Flores adds, "Hopefully trying to teach them, get message out there's some appropriate behavior and dating and relationships to reduce dating violence."

A poster saying 'respect women' was signed by Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett.

Right now, the program has about a dozen schools on board.

The Aiea high football team didn't win a single game last season, but told their coach they won anyhow through character building learned from Coaching Boys into Men.

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