EXCLUSIVE: Charli Scott's mother's message to ex-boyfriend and accused killer

EXCLUSIVE: Charli Scott's mother's message to ex-boyfriend and accused killer
Published: Jul. 15, 2014 at 10:05 PM HST|Updated: Jul. 15, 2014 at 11:12 PM HST
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WAILUKU, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Charli Scott's family faced her accused killer for the first time since ex-boyfriend, Steven Capobianco, was charged with murdering her then torching her car to cover up the crime.

"A step toward justice as it might be, it's still really sad and terrible. We had some of his family sitting behind us and it didn't make me feel good. It's a loss for everybody that this happened, but today was a necessary -- very necessary -- a needed step and I'm glad it didn't take years and years and years," Charli's older sister Brooke Scott said.

The day Charli disappeared, she and Brooke had spent the morning watching movies and planning their pregnancies together. Though Brooke's a few months behind, they were both having boys and had already picked out matching cradles. Now Brooke's trying to make sense of a future that's been stolen away.

"I do want her to be celebrated. I want people to be able to think about her and smile," Brooke said.

Charli's mother Kimberlyn knows the family will get there eventually. They're fueled by memories of a vibrant, generous woman who sang off-key and cherished life.

"She was someone who was dedicated to making people happy. She was never happy unless everyone else was. The last to sit down, first to get up and make sure that everybody is okay," Kimberlyn said.

"Everything is different. Nothing will ever, ever be the same again. Nothing we do as a family -- it's all with a big Charli-shaped hole in it. It's just -- nothing will ever be the same," Kimberlyn said.

"We're so grateful for where we're at in the case, personally -- I want to bring my daughter home and that's the biggest priority. I want to bring her home. It's not an easy thing to close your eyes at night knowing your child is some place they shouldn't be. It's not, no -- we have to bring her home," Kimberlyn said.

The Scott's say it's difficult to accept that Charli's gone, but it's worse hearing she allegedly died at the hands of someone she loved. They have this message for Capobianco -- the father of her unborn son, Joshua.

"We didn't need you. She didn't need you. We would have loved this child with or without you. We would've welcomed your presence or not. What you have done is a waste of everything -- everything. I want him to know that we know. I don't doubt anymore. I used to doubt and I don't," Kimberlyn said.

"We know and we're resigned and we understand what this means and we're not ever going to stop. Come hell or high water, we will see justice done," said Kimberlyn.

Charli's family says they find strength and purpose in focusing their energy on working to make sure someday -- if another pregnant woman is killed -- her unborn child will also be considered a victim in the eyes of Hawai'i's law.

"Joshua was definitely a victim, whether or not our state law is at the stage of being able to acknowledge that and criminalize the taking of his life. The community, everyone here puts value on his life. Equal value," Brooke said.

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