Thieves steal toddler's hearing aids at Maili slumber party

Thieves steal toddler's hearing aids at Maili slumber party
Published: Jul. 14, 2014 at 11:26 PM HST|Updated: Jul. 15, 2014 at 3:34 AM HST
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Cheryl Mossinger
Cheryl Mossinger
Sam Staudt
Sam Staudt
Willow Badgley
Willow Badgley

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A plea to thieves who stole something that has no value to them, but means the world to a two-year-old girl who is hard of hearing, her custom hearing aids.

Nine-year-old Sam Staudt's fairytale slumber party at her grandma's in Maili over the weekend ended with a rude awakening.

While the girls dressed as princesses were sleeping, crooks swiped cameras, the party host's Chevy pick up truck, and even the girls' bags.

Cheryl Mossinger's truck was taken, but that's not what upsets her most. She explained, "They all had little princess bags and they were all like, 'Where's our bags? It's just heartbreaking.'"

Inside one bag was two-year-old Willow Badgley's custom hearing aids. Mossinger broke down in tears as she told us, "The hearing aids are very important because without the hearing aid, Willow can't hear at all. No sound no nothing."

Willow's cousin, the birthday girl Sam Staudt said, "When I heard about they were gone, I was just devastated."

Willow is hard of hearing and started wearing aids when she was a baby. Staudt went on to say, "I was just so upset because me and her have a special connection talking to each other but we can't now because she can't hear. The only way we can communicate is by signing."

Mossinger believes the bold burglars broke in overnight Sunday through a side door, undetected, while four adults were sleeping inside.

They didn't even know what had happened until the bank called, questioning hundreds of dollars in suspicious food and gas charges.

The truck, and cameras can be replaced. They just want Willow's hearing aids back.

"Without them she hears nothing" said Mossinger. "To just devastate six little girls at a birthday party that should be a happy occasion and now we've got to figure out how we're going to get Willow another set of hearing aids. We're talking close to five thousand dollars."

Staudt added, "I would love it if they could return it so that we can talk to each other or at least she can hear me. It would be like a miracle."

Willow's family hasn't told her they're gone yet.

As for replacing the hearing aids, HMSA covers hearing aids for children every five years.

Amplifiers on loan from Kapiolani Medical Center were also stolen.

The family hopes the crooks will do the right thing and return them, no questions asked.

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