Movie Review: 22 JUMP STREET

Movie Review: 22 JUMP STREET

Actors Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum team up for the second time in 22 JUMP STREET, a sequel to their 2012 hit comedy, 21 JUMP STREET. If you're just looking for some laughs, this movie is a good choice, because it's filled with all kinds of jokes: most are goofy, some are clever, and a few are totally outrageous.

In other words, it's a popcorn movie that's crammed with humor from the beginning to the very end of its credits. (Don't leave without watching those credits.)
Based on a popular TV series from the late 1980's, 22 JUMP STREET stars Tatum and Hill as undercover cops who try to infiltrate a drug ring. But this time instead of pretending to be high school students, they impersonate college boys.

22 JUMP STREET is all about taking a silly concept and fleshing it out with as much craziness as possible: from funny dialogue and awkward pratfalls to the kind of derring-do you can see in old Buster Keaton or Harold Lloyd comedies.
Five writers and two directors worked on the screenplay, and I can just see them all sitting around a table throwing out crazy ideas and grabbing whichever ones made them laugh.

Tatum and Hill are a good comedy team. Their characters are complete opposites and their differences are a constant source of comedy.

Of course, not every gag gets a laugh. but overall, these actors do a great job of making fools of themselves and mocking the very fact that they are in a movie sequel.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.