EXCLUSIVE: HPD officer indicted for elaborate scheme

EXCLUSIVE: HPD officer indicted for elaborate scheme
Published: Jun. 26, 2014 at 1:08 AM HST
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Jeremy Javillo
Jeremy Javillo

A Honolulu Police officer has been indicted on multiple federal charges.  According to police sources, Roddy Tsunezumi was involved in an elaborate scheme involving stolen cars.

A federal indictment filed Wednesday, shows Officer Tsunezumi formed a partnership with a career criminal, Jeremy Javillo.

According to the court documents, Officer Tsunezumi and Javillo would buy junked cars at auto auctions or on Craig'slist.  Javillo would then steal an almost identical car.  They would then move the vehicle identification number, or VIN, from the junked car to the stolen one so they could sell it.

A Toyota Tacoma truck was used in the FBI's undercover investigation.  According to sources, Officer Tsunezumi thought the truck was stolen, it was in fact, owned by law enforcement.  The VIN from a junked truck that Tsunezumi purchased ended up on the FBI's truck.

Officer Tsunezumi, who had been on the force for about ten years, quit when he was notified of the federal investigation.

There is another HPD officer being looked at in this case.   The officer has had his gun and badge taken away, but he has not been charged so we are not naming him.

The car scheme is not the only thing Tsunezumi and Javillo are accused of.  According to the court documents, the two tried to extort the business owners of a bar.

Assistant U.S. Attorney, Kenneth Sorenson says the bar owners had been threatened by someone and when they called for police help, Officer Tsunezumi had an alternative.

"What he offered to them was a protection service that a friend of his could perform for them and that turned out to be, who else, but Jeremy Javillo," says Sorenson.

The cost for protection, $15,000.  That transaction never went through and the bar owners instead are witnesses in the federal investigation.

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