Animal community outraged over woman's decision to sell dog

Animal community outraged over woman's decision to sell dog
Source: Hawaiian Humane Society
Source: Hawaiian Humane Society

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - [Update 6/25/14]

The Hawaiian Humane Society issued the following statement on its Facebook page:

Great News! Sally Mae was returned to us when the adopters recognized they could not care for her. She was adopted to a loving family this afternoon. We applaud them for returning her to us! They did the right thing and that's all that matters. Never be afraid to return animals to us. We're committed to find every adoptable animal a home.

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A young woman has upset the animal community after she tried to sell a dog an hour after adopting it from the Hawaiian Humane Society. Then she had second thoughts again.

The woman lied about the dog's age and tried to double her money back. Then she got hounded about the move.

Yesterday the Hawaiian Humane Society posted a picture on Facebook excited that Sally Mae the full breed Jack Russell terrier was adopted. But an hour later, her new owner, wearing the same dress posted a picture on Craig's List looking to sell the dog for $200. She paid $85.

She also said the dog was five years old even though Sally Mae is 10.

Her reason for selling the dog? She and her boyfriend are caught up working two jobs, information she knew an hour earlier when adopting the dog.

"It is really disappointing to think that animals are now seen as a commodity versus your loving pet that is part of your family so that is really hard for us because we hope that every animal that gets adopted from us is going to a family that is going to love them and treasure them," said Christina Kam, Hawaiian Humane Society Events and Communications Coordinator.

"I thought that was real pilau. Real stink. I didn't like her doing that because it seems like she is trying to make money off of a dog that needs a good home," said Kekama Amona, who volunteers to make videos of the animals for the Hawaiian Humane Society to help them find homes. He also made a video about Sally Mae.

We called the number Ash left in the Craig's List ad, but got no answer. She did however call the Humane Society back and said she is going to keep the dog.

Ash claims she was selling Sally Mae because she was loud and energetic and wasn't fitting in, but says her family will help out. She also said she didn't expect the outcry.

Technically Ash didn't break any law, so the shelter can't force her to return the dog. Although the Hawaiian Humane Society does refund the full adoption fee if the animal is returned within 30 days. They would welcome Sally Mae back anytime if Ash didn't want to keep her.

"I think she should return the dog and give it to somebody who really wants to keep the dog. Just from filming Sally Mae she looks like a lot of fun," said Amona.

The Hawaiian Humane Society doesn't have language in its contract preventing new owners from flipping a pet for a higher price although it is working on a plan to change that policy.

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