Runway work adds noise to Ewa neighborhoods

Runway work adds noise to Ewa neighborhoods
Eileen Lynn
Eileen Lynn

EWA BEACH, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Some Ewa Beach residents are fed up with the plane noise from Honolulu International Airport. That's because a construction project is diverting planes from one runway to another that's in line with homes.

Right the Lynn family's Ewa Beach home plane after plane come in for a landing.

"My ears are ringing. I can't talk on the phone. At midnight I try to watch a show if I'm up from the planes and I can't even hear the show," said Eileen Lynn, Ewa Beach homeowner.

It's also hard for her to concentrate when she studies or prays elevating her frustrations.

"I put on my headphones. So even though they are stereo headphones I bought them so my ears don't hurt as much," said Lynn.

The state is rehabbing the third longest runway at Honolulu International Airport which means planes are being rerouted to another runway that goes over neighborhoods. It's one that planes didn't use from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am but with the runway work that rule is lifted.

"Maybe I'm the big jerk because I bought this house here but it wasn't this bad. This is too many planes. Too much planes," said Lynn, who bought the home 25 years ago.

"We do understand there is an inconvenience to the neighborhoods with noise and we apologize for that, however safety is a priority," said Caroline Sluyter, State Department of Transportation.

The FAA told the State to do the work and is paying for 75 percent of the bill.

"With a runway we can't have any debris on the runway. You can imagine if there was a small piece of asphalt and it got kicked into a plane's engine that could be devastating. So those are the situations we want to avoid at all costs," said Sluyter.

Unfortunately it will be a loud summer and fall. The work was supposed to end in another three months on September 30 but because work will stop for the Rimpac exercises, the world's largest international maritime warfare exercise, this summer so it will likely continue until November.

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