Arcades shutting down because of 'cease and desist' letters

Arcades shutting down because of 'cease and desist' letters

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - All nine Winner'z Zone locations have shut down.

The Fun Zone in Kalihi is also closed.

And smaller, arcades are also packing-up after 'cease and desist' letters were delivered by Honolulu Police officers Monday.

The order names 24 games that the city calls, 'illegal devices'.

Fun Factory tells Hawaii News Now they did not get the letter but voluntarily removed the games in question.

We are told Dave and Busters also did not receive the written warning.  We did find one game on the list, the Monopoly coin pusher, still operating in the midway Wednesday.

So why did some establishments get the order and others didn't?

And why are some games now considered illegal while other, similar games are not?

"The gambling laws are overly complicated and overly vague," says defense attorney Victor Bakke.

The prosecutor's office would not comment on the 'cease and desist' letters.

Earlier this month, nine people were arrested after a 414 count, grand jury indictment.

All were connected to the Products Direct Sweepstakes machines.

Hundreds of the machines have been seized.

Attorneys for the suspects say the operators had no idea the machines were illegal until police raided their establishments.   Bakke says had 'cease and desist' letters gone out prior to the seizures, the machines would have been turned off.

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