Jury finds Naeem Williams guilty of killing his 5-year old daughter, eligible for death penalty

Published: Apr. 24, 2014 at 8:28 PM HST
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A former Schofield soldier has been found guilty of killing his 5-year-old daughter and could be executed for the crime under federal law.

5-year old Talia Williams died on July 16, 2005. Her father, Naeem Williams, told lawyers that beat her every day for months after he got custody of the girl.

The jury of seven men and five women were unanimous.

"I'm just so happy that justice this part at least, finally got (deep sigh) guilty," said Tarshia Williams, Talia's mom.

That deep sigh is from Tarshia Williams relieved that her ex Naeem Williams is guilty on all five counts against him.

"She can go rest now. All the pain that she went through, that's what I keep thinking about, but now that he is guilty of every charge I'm just so happy," said Tarshia Williams.

Naeem Williams was convicted of brutally beating his five year old daughter every day for months until she died. Now that the guilty verdict is in Tarshia plans to have a service at Talia's gravesite in South Carolina.

"When I get back to Orangeburg I'm going to go to her gravesite and have a little memorial and release about nine balloons and say, 'yes Talia justice finally got served and look up to the sky,'" said Tarshia Williams.

Naeem Williams will now have an eligibility hearing to determine if he should be put to death.  It's the first capital punishment trial since before statehood.  It is possible because the crime took place at Wheeler Army Airfield. Williams was in the Army.

"Even though they have found him guilty of a crime that carries with it the punishment of death they still have another special hearing where they determine if he is eligible for death," said Noel Tipon, attorney. "These defendants sit on death row years upon years without that sentence ever being executed without the families of those victims ever getting that closure. It doesn't end with the judge announcing the sentence of death."

Tarshia didn't comment about the death penalty possibility. Instead she is focusing on her daughter and the pendant with her picture she wears all the time.

"She would've been a beautiful young lady growing up. Her life got cut short but I'm happy that justice finally got served," said Tarshia Williams.

The next phase, the death penalty hearing, will start on Tuesday with both sides arguing their case and calling witnesses.  The same jury will hear the testimony.

If it comes to it Naeem Williams would not be executed in Hawaii.

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