Mother in a coma still unresponsive; supporters defend Dr. Stover

Mother in a coma still unresponsive; supporters defend Dr. Stover
Published: Apr. 18, 2014 at 8:15 PM HST
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Photo of Dr. Stover
Photo of Dr. Stover

HILO, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - A month ago today Kristen Tavares went in to have her wisdom teeth pulled. She hasn't been awake since. Her family says she is still unresponsive and says she is on life support. Her breathing tube was removed and a tracheotomy was put in. Her family is also learning physical therapy since she hasn't moved for so long. They feel having family nearby is the best medicine and remain hopeful she will wake up.

"Have a good rest. See you in the morning," said Krisjen, Kristen Tavares' four year old on a video taken in the Maui Memorial hospital room, as he kisses his mom's arm.

"He says he misses her. He wants her to come home," said Joe Tavares, Kristen's father, referring to his grandson.

Since Kristen went into a coma a month ago her father says there's been an emptiness in the family.

"This is the worst month of our lives. I mean looking at your daughter with hope and everything, I don't wish this on anybody," said Joe Tavares. "Right now there is nothing. Just our little girl is sleeping. That's all. That's the way we look at it. She's resting."

The family has hired an attorney.

The family is talking with doctors about moving her to another facility for the long term.

"Like I told you from day one the family and everybody has hope and is praying she does come out of this," said Tavares.

There is new information about Dr. John Stover. This is him the night he closed up his three offices. His signs have been pulled and his website was taken down. It's not known if he plans to move elsewhere. He and his attorney haven't provided anymore details. However some of his supporters are speaking up.

"He was very professional, highly skilled. His staff was very professional and I was very pleased with the outcome," said David Tarnas, who says two of his children were patients of Dr. Stover.

Tarnas wrote a letter to the State defending Dr. Stover. He also says Dr. Stover is a member of his church and is a big supporter of the arts in the community.

"Dr. Stover deserves to be treated honorably and respectfully by the regulatory agency and the media and be given due process through this investigation," said Tarnas. "I am so sad to see him treated unfairly as he has been in this process of investigation."

The State investigation continues.

While supporters were sad to see Dr. Stover close his office. The Tavares family felt it was the first good news in a month.

"I cried with happiness. Nobody should ever go through this again," said Tavares.

The Tavares family says bills are starting to mount. They're holding a number of fundraisers and accepting donations. To make a donation click here.

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