UPDATE: MPD waiting for forensics on new evidence in Charli Scott case

UPDATE: MPD waiting for forensics on new evidence in Charli Scott case 6pm Update
Published: Mar. 5, 2014 at 10:28 PM HST
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Charli Scott's SUV
Charli Scott's SUV

KEANAE, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - UPDATE: Maui police are waiting for test results on several pieces of evidence in the case of a missing pregnant woman.  Forensics are being done on a bone and blood found at the crime scene near Keanae.   While the results could prove Charli Scott was a victim, they may not tell police what happened to the 27-year-old.

"You have to prove who, where, when, and why, those things are exceptionally difficult in cases where you don't have a body," says former Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney Peter Carlisle.

Carlisle also said the public needs to be patient with the Maui Police Department because the crime scene is large, rugged and difficult to search.

"An area like that will be almost, literally, impossible to cover from one end to the next," says Carlisle.

An aerial and ground search was done Tuesday and could be the last police search.  Private searches are still being done.  A film crew from New York has joined the searches for a show to air later this year on one of the Discovery channels.

ORIGINAL STORY: Maui police detectives, a chopper and members of the Special Response Team were back out along the Hana Highway in Keanae Tuesday, the same area where items belonging to Charli Scott were found last month.

Police sources also revealed, the grill from Charli's SUV had been found.  It was a recognizable part of the vehicle because of the skull ornament on it.  When the missing 27-year old's SUV was found, it had been stripped, turned over, and burned.  But the grill was not in the surf area known as 'Jaws'.

The grill and possibly other part of the SUV were found late last week in a home in Haiku but we're told the people in the home are not 'suspects' in this case.

Charli has been missing since February 9th.  She is five months pregnant.  Her ex-boyfriend and unborn baby's father was the last person to see her.  Steven Capobianco admitted to Hawaii News Now that he called Charli that night.  His car broke down along the Hana Highway and he needed help.  Charli went to help him and according to Capobianco, after he got his car going again, Charli was following him back to Haiku.  He says he lost sight of her on the road and didn't think anything of it until it was too late.  He denied hurting Charli.   Maui Police do consider him a 'person of interest', but he is not a suspect.

The area police were back in today was very remote, very muddy.  It was along the Hana Highway near Keanae.  The same area where Charli's clothes and her blanket were found days after her disappearance.  Police sources say the items were filled with maggots.  Her bra was also found and it had been slashed.  There was duct tape, a human tooth and a bone.

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