Local Connection: Bruno's Super Bowl

Local Connection: Bruno's Super Bowl

By: Rick Blangiardi

Whether you rooted for the Seattle Seahawks or the Denver Broncos, the big game wasn't really super and even the commercials didn't do much to lift the spirits.

Taking nothing away from the Seahawks, it really didn't feel like a super bowl and when the competition is not at its highest level, it actually feels like a letdown.

That was until local talent Bruno Mars hit the stage.

The Roosevelt grad is obviously a big star but to literally take the game on his shoulders and ignite the crowd and millions of viewers was impressive indeed.

Hawaii loves it when one of its own makes it to the big leagues, but mars' talents exceed expectations and his progression as an entertainer and singer has been remarkable to watch.

It was never so, evident as to how far mars had come than seeing his three local shows at the Blaisdell selling out in just about 10 minutes, just a day after the super bowl.

And it was to Bruno's credit that he could have played aloha stadium and made even more money by playing just one show.

He has ties to the Blaisdell and wanted to honor the memory of playing there in his youth. So here's to the local guy who made the super bowl special, even if the broncos had a bad day.

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