Brittany Jane Royal's family celebrate her & her baby's life

Brittany Jane Royal's family celebrate her & her baby's life

The family of Brittany Jane Royal traveled from California to Hawaii for a silent march to remember Brittany, and the baby she planned to name Io, and raise on the Big Island.

Her mother Julie Spahn said, "it's all about celebration. Not about mourning her death. It's all about celebrating Brittany and Io, her baby."

They also re-traced Brittany's last days to a beautiful place that became the backdrop for an horrible act.

Her younger brother Zachary said, "I can see why Brittany was so attracted to it. It's very open and just by yourself."

Brittany planned to live on the lava field with her boyfriend Boaz Johnson, but instead, police say on May 27th, Bo strangled Brittany to death, and dumped her body into the ocean.

Both Brittany's brothers, and her mother got tattoos  that say veritas and aequitas, representing truth and justice for Brittany. They faced the truth by visiting the site where Bo killed himself, and left a journal confessing to the crime.

Brittany's mom said, "everything in the letter made, well it didn't make it make sense, but it made sense about what happened and I have no questions."

But, this journey back was about Brittany's memory, not her murder. The family put up a cross at the campsite, with two lei, as a memorial.

Spahn explained the family, "said some prayers -- it was pouring down raining and then there was some whale that breached in the ocean -- kinda to say hello to us and other friends that we had just met the night before did a helicopter flyby and dropped hundreds of flowers and ti leaves off in honor of Brittany and Io and it was just really special."

Brittany's mom added "it's always sad -- the reason why we're coming back, but it's nice to have some answers."

Police announced that Bo's body and confession note were found on January 21st, nearly 8 months after Brittany's murder. They plan to release the 3 page letter as soon as the case is officially closed.

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