Waianae pedestrian dragged for blocks under car

Waianae pedestrian dragged for blocks under car
Published: Feb. 18, 2014 at 11:22 PM HST
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WAIANAE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu police are looking for the man who allegedly hit and dragged a 36-year-old man underneath his car for about five blocks in Waianae this morning.

Detectives opened an attempted murder investigation. It happened at the Waimaha Sunrise Housing Complex on Mill Street.

Monica Nixon said she witnessed the horrific event that involved her friend's brother "Ala boy."

"All I see is his feet," she said emotionally. "His whole body, you don't see no body parts, his whole body is under the car. Like he's the muffler or something."

Nixon said she watched the suspect pull his car out of a parking stall with no lights on and drive directly at "Ala boy" and his girlfriend as they were walking back toward the apartments.

"The girl was able to push herself on the hood and get off the hood," Nixon described. She continues, "Ala Boy flips back, lands underneath the car, the guy backs up and goes over the curb and off the curb."

Upset and outraged over the disturbing events, Nixon said she followed the driver, honking her horn to try and get him to stop. While other neighbors who witnessed the incident yelled and thru objects at the car as it passed.

"This guy would not stop for the stop signs, light, nothing," stressed Nixon who believes it was an intentional deliberate act. "Even going in reverse. He didn't even stop. And all I see is Ala Boy underneath the car dragging and his feet are going like this," said Nixon gesturing up and down motions with her hands.  The driver got away.

Honolulu police Traffic Division Lieutenant Bobby Town said the victim was dragged at least five blocks down Mill Street near Tamura's before he was freed.

"According to a witness the vehicle started to lose control and I guess he dislodged from the vehicle at that point," said Town.

Emergency Medical Services reports that "Ala boy" was rushed in critical condition to the Queens Medical Center.  Police say it appears he was pinned on his stomach, suffering severe scraping wounds to his body and hands. His girlfriend was treated at Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center in good condition.

Neighbors like Kat Phillips were unhinged by the incident in the parking lot.

"It could have been one of our kids walking to school," said Phillips. "It's morning time, Monday, anything could have happened."

Some residents say the driver appeared to have been drinking because of alcohol on his breath this morning.

One unidentified witness said the driver had just been kicked out by his girlfriend yesterday and he came back this morning to get some important documents.

The suspect was reportedly leaving the scene when the incident happened. Police say the suspect's girlfriend is trying to get him to turn himself in.

Police say they are investigating reports of a prior altercation between the victim and the suspect, as well as reports a domestic abuse call at the suspect's unit prior to the traffic incident this morning.

An 'All Points Bulletin' has also been issued for the suspect and his vehicle, which is described by witnesses as a tan colored four door Toyota sedan. The driver faces charges of attempted murder and failure to render aid.

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